CATI stands for ‘Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing’, which acts as market research that completely relies on a computer screen to set up a questionnaire. The interviewer reads these sets of questions before the respondents who answer those questions. AI and automation are becoming usual in most of the verticals. It plays a major role in data collection agencies. Phone survey software or CATI in market research companies are much-needed in the process of research work.

Challenges Faced By Market Researchers

The market research industry is diverse. There are numerous reasons for conducting research. And for market research companies, it’s their client’s requirement. Many organizations have in-house insights that mainly focused on customer satisfaction, growth, etc. Each research company has its own set of challenges. There are few systemic issues in the research industry that CATI may be able to resolve.

  • Quality- Manual data collection is the toughest job and as the volume of data is increasing, it’s natural to have errors in research data which affects the quality of data. Automated survey technologies like CATI will help to resolve these issues.
  • Data doesn’t paint the whole picture- Collecting data is an important part of the research process. You are not able to know whether your respondents are answering your questions truthfully or not. CATI interviewers can easily resolve these issues, as they guide their respondents at every step by clearing all their doubts if they have any.
  • Differentiating can be difficult- It is a major challenge for any market research company to differentiate itself from its competitors. Adding research technologies and methodologies is crucial. Phone survey tools like CATI add the element to conducting research.

CATI market research is a much-needed one for market research companies. If you want to conduct CATI surveys, then you can connect with our team of experts.