The second wave of the pandemic has left the country in a state of ultimate panic and utter chaos. Businesses are constantly searching for new ways to tackle and survive the second wave.But the good news is, whilst the resurgence of Covid has dented, it has not debilitated the industry The shift from a traditional- transactional to a modern- consumer-centric approach opted by various businesses after the first wave seems to be the primary reason for the boost in the immunity of the economy. Read on to find out survival strategies opted by business industries who have continued the linear graph of growth despite the second wave.

Collection of authentic and reliable data

Proper market research and reliable data have played a key role for businesses to serve their customers in the best way possible. Having in-depth knowledge about the consumer demographics, attitude and behavior help businesses to formulate effective strategies to run their business in these difficult times. Businesses are heavily relying upon sampling, data collection, and surveys now more than ever to tap into the mind of their target audience and use their insights to make an informed business decision.

Unleashing the Power of Affiliate Marketing

As the 2nd wave passes by, brands/advertisers are looking for a marketing technique that saves cost and reduces risks. And for that very reason, Affiliate marketing is gaining a lot of popularity among various brands. What helps minimize the risk with affiliate marketing is that brands pay affiliates only when they see the affiliate sales. This means there is no requirement to pay upfront for ad space. Affiliate marketing is an effective option for brands to reduce their risk while still benefiting from selling online during this coronavirus pande.

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