Survey Desigining & Programming

We translate your survey requirement into comprehensive and meaningful questionnaires so that you can extract real time insights out of it. We conduct more than 1000 + survey a year providing data collection, sample management and detailed analysis of the same for our clients. We leverage our latest technology to ensure your survey as engaging and relevant for respondents on the front end while maintaining due diligence and highest quality protocols on the back end.

Why Survey Programming?

  • We understand time constraints and offer fast turnaround speeds upholding authenticity of data and user experience. Our questionnaire is designed to provide more abstract information with relatively less number of questions ensuring better Productivity.
  • Advanced survey logics like skip, rotation, variable piping etc are deployed to design, distribute and analyze data efficiently.
  • Quality control measures like Digital fingerprinting, IP checks, Straight lining prevention, error trapping ensure acquisition of bona fide data from real people.
  • Survey Programming provides scalable solutions ranging from data collection from various resources into a unified version, performing quality checks to validate data ensuring fool proof delivery.

At Solugo, we specialize in designing surveys for our clients to gain maximum insights from their target audience while ensuring and engaging the respondents at the same time. Our online survey tools and survey templates help in crating surveys from scratch simplifying your sampling needs.

Our 6 step process for a good survey design involves integration of carefully selected questions with best survey design to precisely measure respondents’ feedback effectively.

Step 1: We underline the whole objective of deploying the survey and identifying various elements to be covered with crystal clarity.

Step 2: Identify the Target audience, reach out to them and create a panel pool.

Step 3: We follow the pedalogy: maximum insight with minimum questions. The questionnaire is designed as such to extract paramount information with minimalistic questions, not compromising the quality and authenticity.

Step 4: Tabulation: Once the respondents have recorded their answers, their responses are stored in a structured manner for deep analysis.

Step 5: Analysis: We scratch below the surface. Our proactive nature involves identifying the result of the problem and also the cause behind it. Our Analytics team fine combs through the data collected so that appropriate action can be taken by organizations.

Step 6: On the basis above mentioned steps we help you come up with a plan of action to achieve your goals .

Data Tabulation:

Having provided solutions for 5000+ surveys, we have full faith in providing an unbiased view of the target audience handpicked after meticulous recruitment program. But we understand merely having ounces of data doesn’t solve the problem. Our Data tabulation services organize the data based upon Behavior, Psychographics and Demographics. The structured, systematic and logical arrangement of data helps in further analysis and interpretation.

Advanced Analytics:

Our expert analytics team deploys tools like Cross Tab , Geo coding , Data segmentation , Tabs , GAP analysis , Trend analysis to draw conclusions and support decision making that will ultimately help a business to optimize its performance.